Health Forum

OCC Health promotes good health in the work place of clients. Good health is something everyone wishes for but sometimes due to injury that is not possible, especially if the job site is not geared for safety. Certain illnesses seem to become more noticeable as people grow older. OCC Health promotes staying healthy in the work place in body and mind Offering assistance to employers with back & neck treatments, arthritis treatments, depression & anxiety treatments but also are aware caregivers & home care may become an option for some work injuries for a patient.

Back & Neck Treatments

Back and neck treatment is important with working individuals, without back movement there is nothing to be done making this an important factor of care. Many places where lifting is a factor supply back braces for their employees. Classes are taught on lifting and handling heavy objects. Lifting equipment is also supplied to prevent back injuries and certain footwear that supports posture is requires. All of these health options give workers a positive place to earn.

Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis Treatments are on the list of illnesses that keep employees from doing the best job possible in the work place. OCC Health makes suggestions to increase the mobility of workers suffering from arthritis, exercise is an important element, and medications prescribed by a physician help people keep moving but the hot and cold applications of compresses helps a great deal.

Depression and anxiety

Depression & Anxiety Treatments are a concern for workers. This happens for many reasons. There is any number of things that might bring on depression, problems at home, loss of a love one or changes in lifestyle. A presentation may bring on anxiety or an interview for a new position within the same company. The things capable of triggering depression and anxiety are sometimes unique to the individual.

Caregivers & Home Care

Caregivers & Home Care is occasionally needed for employees. Whether it is from a debilitating car accident or a fall in the workplace, accidents occur and there must be a working solution of care in place. A listing of home care facilities is kept by OCC Health to direct workers to places that can help them and their families with any extensive care needed for a work injury. When something happens to the bread winner in a home it is difficult to focus on all of the things needed and OCC Health helps provide direction to some of the services for workers and their families. These are only a few of the services available.